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06 Oct

A short time later, the suspect communicated with the informant that he was leaving because he could see that the informant didn’t have the child.Authorities were able to track down the suspect near Elmwood Avenue and Breckenridge shortly thereafter.

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The actors all do a great job and make the characters very believable.According to Dasliva, the mother’s boyfriend would sneak into the girl’s bedroom in the middle of the night and take her to the basement where she would be raped.Dasilva admitted to taking part in the attacks on two different occasions and in April of 2016 to bringing 48 year old Sonya Lucas to join in.Through on-line computer conversations and text messages, authorities were able to determine that the suspect would pay money in exchange for the little girl.On Wednesday night, August 12 at 11pm, at a West Side location, a “meeting” was set-up between a police informant and the suspect.