Who is bridget fonda dating

05 Sep

And right from the day, the couple went public about their love relationship, they have become the hot potato with the paparazzi following them to every romantic dates and getaway. Bridget and Danny announced their engagement in March 2003.The pair dated for about eight years, however, they later shattered their fans heart with the announcement of their break up. Then in November, the couple wed and officially became husband and wife.in the Coldwater Canyon section of Los Angeles and south of Livingston, Montana.Fonda attended Westlake School for Girls in Los Angeles.

She received an Emmy Award nomination for the 1997 TV film In the Gloaming, and a second Golden Globe Award nomination for the 2001 TV film No Ordinary Baby.

Bridget's parents divorced and Peter remarried Portia Rebecca Crockett (former wife of author Thomas Mc Guane).

Peter and Portia raised Bridget, her brother Justin, and older stepbrother Thomas Mc Guane Jr.

Fonda, the consummate actress, may be slightly exaggerating here, but it's easy to see what she means. Um, yeah, but for some reason I just can't seem to do it. (laughs) Somebody said the people who don't get married are can't get married people.

She made Single White Female (1992) and Singles (1992) - that's two 'S's' and two 'Single's' for good measure.