Validating parser

22 Dec

4) If everything is in the right place, you shouldn’t see any errors and you should see a statement declaring that this is a valid file.

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Value: it's just one of many reasons why smart XML developers are choosing Stylus Studio!The tag nesting and attribute rules are determined by interpreting the DTD's at the W3C. The CSS parser understands most of CSS 2 and some CSS 3 and the CSS selectors can tell if they match a DOM node.There is no visual rendering and no calculation of layout.XML applications are just the same: they contain a parser which reads XML and identifies the function of each the pieces of the document, and it then makes that information available in memory to the rest of the program. As the component parts of the program are identified, a validating parser can compare them with the pattern laid down by the DTD or Schema, to check that they conform.While reading an XML file, a parser checks the syntax (pointy brackets, matching quotes, etc) for well-formedness, and reports any violations (reportable errors). In the process, default values and datatypes (if specified) can be added to the in-memory result of the validation that the validating parser gives to the application.(and lots of other stuff too).