Validating identity cisco

01 Oct

I configured the IAS policy to grant access to Domain Computers, Authentication is set to PEAP and uses a private cert issued by our CA, the other profile settings are all default.The client settings on the laptop match the IAS settings and the certificate is definately installed.X Supplicant for EAP-TLS Machine Authentications Against Active Directory LDAP Key Features of Integration of Cisco ISE and LDAP Adding and Editing LDAP Identity Sources RADIUS Token Identity Sources Key Features of the Integration of Cisco ISE and RADIUS Identity Source Adding or Editing a RADIUS Token Server Deleting a RADIUS Token Server RSA Identity Sources Integrating Cisco ISE with RSA Secur ID Server Adding and Editing RSA Identity Sources Configuring RSA Prompts Configuring RSA Messages Identity Source Sequences Creating Identity Source Sequences Deleting Identity Source Sequences Viewing and Monitoring the Identity Sources The Cisco Identity Services Engine (Cisco ISE) integrates with external identity sources to validate credentials in user authentication functions, and to retrieve group information and other attributes that are associated with the user for use in authorization policies.You must configure the external identity source that contains your user information in Cisco ISE. Main(); $j(function() ); jive.i18Msgs(); var _editor_lang = "en"; var _jive_video_picker__url = "? For example a search for "big" might include results with "large" in them if that synonym is defined below.','search.admin.content.settings.multi Language':'Enable multiple language search:','photos.yourphotos.desc':'Your Photos','wall Entry Liked.text':'Have someone like your status update','groups.nogroups.label':'You haven\'t joined any groups yet','eae.inbox.unreadbyparticipant':'You don\'t have any unread items which include this participant','profile.edit_user_profile_security.current Preview Self.text':'Currently viewing your profile as:','':'People online','search.did_you_mean.label':'Did you mean:','more.people.singular':'Show more person','profile.your_we.title':'Your Updates','calendar.other.desc':'s Calendar','':'Login','no.bookmarks.message':'You\'ve not bookmarked any content.

I added the AP as a client with and have tried using both RADIUS Standard and Cisco as the RADIUS type.

If a self-signed certificate (or any certificate from an untrusted CA) is in use, most clients will reject the connection since they cannot validate the server's identity.

For troubleshooting purposes, server certificate validation can be disabled on one or multiple clients, allowing those clients to connect regardless of the certificate in use.

WPA2 is supported as i can connect to WPA2 personal APs. During the connection it flashes that it "connected" for a second then goes to "Validating Identity" which it eventually timesout on.

I am using the Windows Wireless Connection Manager. On a couple of occasions I've seen that particular AP (don't know what firmware) suddenly stop attempting to authnenticate clients (it never sends any RADIUS requests) and power-cycling the AP "fixes" the issue.