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03 Sep

A three-part release, the Ultra Upgrade introduces tessellation to Crytek’s first-person shooter and upgrades a whole host of graphical effects, all of which can be read about in detail in our comprehensive Ultra Upgrade article.Click for an animated example of the Ultra Upgrade's enhanced visual effects.Multiplies the width of the HUD's virtual canvas in cases where it may overlap monitor boundaries in multi-monitor setups.NOTE: before this multiplier is applied, the HUD clamps itself to a 16:9 res.

Start a new game or load a level from the "Replay Mission" menu.Each of these abilities requires Each class comes with its distinctive weapons as well, often split into two categories.Riflemen choose between a variety of assault rifles and light machine guns, Snipers face the same choice between bolt action and semi-automatic marksman and sniper rifles, Medics have automatic and pump action shotguns whereas the Engineers use submachine guns and personal defence weapons.Apart from that, each class can carry a secondary firearm (a broad selection of striker- and hammer-fired pistols, revolvers) and a melee weapon (ranging from combat knives to katanas, axes, and even a sapper shovel).Each soldier's toolbelt is supplied with a hand grenade (given once per spawn), and can be also modified / expanded with extra smoke / stun grenades.