Updating 83 chev lg4

13 Dec

Though junkyard pickin’s for muscle-era Pontiacs are almost non-existent these days and Fourth-Gen Birds are a little too new to be relegated to the recyclers, there is still a good supply of Third-Gen Firebirds, T/As, GTAs and Formulas from which to choose.Hobbyist interest and aftermarket support for Third-Gens continues to grow, albeit slowly, as many love these cars for their great value, hearty performance-when properly modified and tuned-and great budget upgrade potential.

However, there were still some carbureted applications in ’87 and ’88 that had factory intakes that accept a Quadrajet carburetor and are drilled with the new intake-to-head-bolt pattern.

Some engine shops told me yes, and some said no, because of the water jackets and that they are low-performance heads, anyway. Wendell, your heads share similar characteristics with ’87-’95 iron production small-block Chevy heads (not to be confused with ’96-and-later Vortec heads or reverse-cooling ’94-’96 Iron-headed Generation II small-blocks).

My engine is bored 0.040-over with Sealed Power pistons with 10.0:1 compression. These ’87-’95 heads have the same water jackets as early heads and still retain a street-carburetor-friendly exhaust heat-riser passage, but there are other differences you need to be aware of.

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