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22 Nov

I cannot just go LOOK at the cams – the shock to my heart.

I cannot go to Facebook group – I remember that Nest Fest is this weekend and I am already bitter, jealous, and angry at not attending.

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Those who were not able to attend were able to view a Live Broadcast through Karel and BOGEtte’s Livestream channel.

Time to clear memory cards and charge batteries as fledge time is upon us – exhilarating, but also bittersweet. Pulled together with the help of so many (and overseen by our “mayor” Raylene), Nest Fest 2015 was reported to be a wonderful time for those who attended.

GTA: Liberty City Stories explores Toni's history and exploits in 1998, three years prior to the events in GTA III.

Toni Cipriani was born in 1968 to Ma Cipriani and an unnamed father, who was a member of one of the city's mafia families.

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I wake in the recovery room groggy from general anesthesia. Oh no, what have I said about my children, my husband, my own seven birds? I have apparently come out of anesthesia speaking about Red-tailed Hawk chicks in a nest on the other side of the country.