Teodorin obiang dating eve

08 Nov

I find it hard to believe these women did not know the lavish lifestyles they were living, came at the price of struggling poor people of small nations.

He's not the only dictator's son who leads an obscene lifestyle while his people suffer.

Her forthcoming album "Lip Lock" is scheduled to hit shelves shortly.

It is being said Eve has lived a life of luxury in America with the foreign head of state's son, even taking a 0,000 Christmas vacation on Paul Allen's yacht the two rented.

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Despite this fact, the majority of the population live on a dollar a day.

Before it's all gone, we're taking a look inside the insane world of Teodoro.

Additional funds were used to establish a hip hop record label for Eve and others named TNO Entertainment.

The US Justice Department is currently embroiled in a case against Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of the President of Equatorial Guinea and the second VP of the country himself, over the seizure of million in his assets (he’s had similar issues in France).

Nguema attended Pepperdine University and dated the rapper Eve, who was quite the star during my high school days and is now trying to stage a career comeback.