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01 Dec

Regards, Akash Additionally, I need some other dynamically updating lists within the subform to function as I scripted them too.

They work fine when the subform is accessed on its own but a user will never access it on its own because that would require them to fill out the form many times to get the information I want.

Similarly to a form, a subform owns the data flows between the interface view and the database, including browse, insert, update, or delete.

In fact, you create a subform as if it were a form, and then place it as a control. A subform is really a control and the FDA interface treats it accordingly.

Dynamically populating a subform based on a lookup selection is not supported at this time, however you could open the edit record URL of the parent form in the lookup field's on User Input action so all subform records will be selected and available for editing.

An HTML View could be used to fetch and output records in whatever layout you require.

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Although technically a control, subforms have some form characteristics as well.I am unable to find a code snippet or a clear example on how to do this.I'm a little confused as to why when a subform is added it does not prompt you for a parent or a one-to-many-relational key to the parent form.- The same functionality or custom SQL query should also be available in the pivot report.Put the following code in the After Update form of each of the subforms: Private Sub Form_After Update() Me. Recalc End Sub This will force the main form to update all calculated controls when a record in the subform is updated. On the master form I have calculated controls for Amount Due, Amount Paid, Amont Writeoff, and Balance. Note: how did you create a continuous form with subforms? I also have a Field called "Paid in Full", and a field called Rebill Code.