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24 Dec

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We weren’t asking what happened after “yes.” That was the piece I wanted to look at: how were girls – what they think, attitudes, ideas, experiences with consensual sex – were those skewing ideas towards healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, or were they in some way contributing to what we were seeing on campus.

On Thursday March 31, we are thrilled to welcome Ottawa’s own Sue Mc Garvie of “Sex with Sue” fame for a stage-side chat following our performance of Calendar Girls.

If you went back to my first book, to , the book just previous to this one, was really about how the commercialized pink and sparkly girly-girl culture was teaching girls objectification, basically; it was teaching them that how they looked was more important than who they were.

And my idea was that it was going to have impact down the road. I have a daughter who is almost 13, and I was thinking about these issues around her, and I was listening to my friends with older kids who were telling me stories about the hookup culture and sexting and binge drinking and – there’s a way when you’re the parent of a younger kid that you want to just not hear it, because parenting from ignorance and fear is always an excellent idea.

California-based journalist Peggy Orenstein examines these issues and more in her buzzworthy new book, , drawing on in-depth interviews with over 70 young women and a wide range of psychologists, academics, and experts to provide insight as to how girls are navigating this complex new world, and what parents can do to help.

recently spoke with Orenstein about her book, a must-read for parents.

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