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25 Sep

Trainer, Model, Master instructor at Soul Cycle & creator of Akin's Army joins the girls to chat about how to stay fit by changing your mental state and the importance of challenging yourself and your body.

Instagram video sensation Krispy Shorts chats with the ladies about starting his video career and responds to some of our listeners relationship questions.

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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack."For those planning to get pregnant, have sex two to three times a week," Lo said.She added that tiredness and shift work were common reasons for couples to have sex less often.(The British don’t get all the bad sex: this has always been a pretty international list.) Or Wilbur Smith’s Desert God, in a passage that even Mills & Boon would have regarded as too tame: “Our legs and our arms were entwined, and our breath was mingling. Gradually our two hearts became a single organ that we shared.” Not a phallus in sight — though that is also explained by Smith’s protagonist being a eunuch.How times have changed since the memorable previous years of machismo such as 2005 when Giles Coren won for his description of frenzied coitus, concluding with the man firing off three stripes onto his lover’s belly “like Zorro”.