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02 Feb

It is nearly impossible to prove any relationship is exclusively PR.

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“Kim and Harry sat next to one another” and he was “very cuddly with her,” an eyewitness tells E! “He had his arm around her.” The lad was also seen talking to Kim’s pop-icon father for a while as well. This is going to be a fling, whether Kimberly knows it or not.

In case you can’t really understand what you’re looking at, this is a photo of Harry Styles, 19, leaving Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood on Thursday. Harry went out with Kimberly AND her family Thursday night.

Rod Stewart was there, plus his wife and plus Ruby Stewart, Kimberly’s younger sister.

There will be some ups and downs but they are keen to show that the Stewart's are close and they enjoy themselves.

Prominent: A source previously told the Daily Mirror : 'Sean has a very prominent role as does Kimberly.