Punjabi hot chat

29 Nov

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The local cuisine of Punjab is heavily influenced by the agriculture and farming lifestyle prevalent from the times of the ancient Harappan Civilization.

Locally grown staple foods form the major part of the local cuisine.

Of late, Kapil Sharma has been making news for all the wrong reasons.

Post the comedian's ugly spat with Sunil Grover on a Melbourne-Mumbai flight, his fellow co-actors have stopped shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show.

This cuisine has a rich tradition of many distinct and local ways of cooking.

I know the meaning of the words (though I'm not sure about "trun"), but I don't know what the sentence means, especially the latter part.

But as they say, the show must go on, Kapil continues to be on set working with new members and will be soon seen hosting National Woman Cricketer, Veda Krishnamurthy.

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