Outlook updating schedule information retrieving busy

01 Sep

We were having issues where a single user was having troubles trying to see other users free busy time.They would try to schedule a meeting and add users and rooms but they always got the “No free/busy information could be retrieved, Your server Location could not be determined” This was on a Windows 8 machine with Outlook 2013 connecting to a Exchange 2007 server. The user profile had been rebuild OK, and I also recreated the Outlook profile manually. Is it random users cannot see anyone elses free/busy scheduling? Have you checked to see if Exchange Cached mode is set for the exchange profile? UPDATE: I did try to delete the Outlook Profile, as well as all the user profile for this particular users from 3 Terminal Servers.With that foundation, you can explore what the free/busy data represents, how Exchange and Outlook use it, and how you can use the Exchange Information Store Viewer to gain additional insight into the data.We’ll finish up with a look at some changes coming in Exchange Server 2007 that promise to give users the most current free/busy data available as they manage their calendars.The thing is, the user can see anyone free/busy through the OWA. Finally, I found the answer for my problem with Free/Busy Scheduling in Outlook 2010 Calendar.

When there are no appointments, the time line is grey during non-working hours and white in working hours.

If your mailbox is on the Exchange server that belongs to the London administrative group, for example, your free/busy information is stored in the SCHEDULE FREE BUSY\London public folder.

You can view free/busy folder details through the Exchange System Manager console by expanding the public folder root, as Figure 1 shows, then selecting the option from the right-click menu to view system folders.

This allows other Outlook users to view the Free/Busy information of others and schedule appointments with other Outlook users.

This page has the steps required to successfully publish and retrieve Free/Busy information.