Outlook 2016 busy not updating

23 Sep

Mac users must grant the "Reviewer" role to Outlook 2011 users.

Basic free/busy time viewing is only viewable via the Outlook 2011 Scheduling Assistant feature, or via OWA.

We use a mixture of Lync 2010/2013 with the Outlook 2010 client on Windows 7.

Are there any similar plugins available that we can install locally that will change Lync's status based on Outlook availability? if my Outlook calendar shows I am in a meeting, are there any plugins that will change Lync's status to show me as 'In a Meeting'?

Apart from the permission of viewing Free/Busy information, you need to mark your appointments as busy, free, or others.

This article will guide you to show appointments in calendars as busy, free, tentative, or out of office in Microsoft Outlook.

The thing is, the user can see anyone free/busy through the OWA. Finally, I found the answer for my problem with Free/Busy Scheduling in Outlook 2010 Calendar.

I have been looking everywhere that I know about in Exchange 2010.

For the Proxy Server issue, I have reapplied the Group Policy to all users.As an exchange user in Microsoft Outlook, you can set permission for others to view the Free/Busy information in your calendar.Therefore, other users can pick up free time for group schedules, such as meeting.Does anyone have a pointer on how to make Outlook 2016 respect the privacy settings of the shared calendar but still display the appointments as it should?Outlook 2011 users must be granted "Reviewer" access to another person's calendar to be able open that calendar and view details.