Opensuse updating to 12 1

15 Jan

If I browse the repositories in the browser, however, I plainly see version 8 in both repositories.

Installing by clicking on the rpm doesn't work, however, as it cannot manage dependencies that way.

I'm running Open Su SE 11.2 and I would like to upgrade to the newest version of Firefox (v 8 I believe at the time of this question).

I'm not interested in extracting a tarball, I would like to do it via RPM.

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Software installation is generally incredibly easy on open SUSE.Zypper is the bases for all of the auto-update functions in Open SUSE.Probably the best way to stop any update, ever, is to remove all of the software repositories from Zypper.In these cases you'll need to go to the developer/vendor website and download and install the software manually - but always look for an open SUSE package in repositories first - and make sure you only download and install software from trusted sources.The full details of how the system works can be found on the Open SUSE wiki page for Zypper.