Older men dating younger women blogs

31 Oct

There have been studies proving that how relationships, marriage and dating have evolved from prehistoric times, to the modern era.Now financial security is a vital requirement, where the female partner needs a confidence that the man can provide for her and her children, and for the male, the assurance that his female partner is fertile till a long time, play an important role when it comes to choosing a life partner.Younger women are looking for older men, and older men also prefer having a young female partner, than someone of their own age.It’s not because of some social trend that has emerged recently, but because of various scientific reasons behind the same.Young females also get attracted towards gentlemanly gestures and class, something which older men possess.Men in their early years are obsessed with many things, they are narcissists and sometimes have fake personality, while older men know and understand life better, and are mature in every sense, which attracts females of young age.In fact, I had a crush on my 7th grade math teacher. What I am looking for on here is to find a woman who would love to be with a younger man.

Well, I have always loved the company of older women.

They are perfectly OK with older men dating younger women.

It almost becomes irrelevant to these men (or this article) whether these young ladies are truly in love or are merely out to make better lives for themselves.

What counts is that they are sitting across from a woman who is beautiful, intelligent and alive.

She won't complain about her ex; she won't moan about how tired she is because she was doing housework all day with three whining children, and then had to prepare dinner and take the dog to the vet. This woman is out to have a good time and then come home and have wild and passionate sex on the kitchen counter or the bathroom floor. And before some of you tell me about your strong sex drive after 40, consider this: Her 25-year-young spirit comes in a shape of a 25-year-young, coin-bounce-off-ass body. But hiding your head in the sand and insisting that "real men" don't want younger women, they want an equal is naïve at best and detrimental to your own love life at worst.