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25 Dec

As with any chat site, Teen Chat expects users to follow certain basic rules we’ve developed to keep our chatting and gaming environments fun for everyone. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ page where we maintain a list of answers to the most common questions about our service first.If you still can’t find the answer you need, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email.Please enjoy yourself on our webpage and remember to always treat other visitors to our site with respect. Our tube site is one of better places to enjoy Group Sex porn vids. Victor: You thought Me: Like, I knew there was a difference between midgets and dwarves but I didn’t know what it was and so I thought maybe one type had spasms and the others didn’t and that they’d put them all together so it’d look like a funny dance . Then I got to work and looked up the difference between midgets and dwarves and turns out you aren’t even supposed to say “midget” anymore so basically I just yelled a politically incorrect word at a total stranger on the phone at 6 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes I look at my sidebar to see if my latest post made it onto the “More from Blog Her” box and sometimes I’m all “Hey! ” And then he was rendered speechless by my quick-witted retort and I was all “Buuuuurn you! That whole last paragraph didn’t happen in real life but it did happen in my head later when I was driving to work and it was awesome. Comment of the day: My Mom has a serious problem with dwarves/midgets…as in, she finds them funny.The other day Victor was in the shower doing the “We Represent The Lollipop Guild” song from the Wizard of Oz, complete with the kicky-feet-dancey-thing. So then I called Victor and yelled my comeback at him and he did that thing he does where he pretends that I’d dialed the wrong number but I was all “Whatever! Not in a hateful way, really, just really cute and then she gets tickled.Me: When I was a kid I thought that dance was some sort of a midget-spasm and I felt bad for them. You just don’t want to admit that I beat you in the midget-battle-of-the-wits, asshole” and then I looked at my cell phone and realized I actually *had* dialed the wrong number. If I spot a midget/dwarf before she does, I re-route her path, it’s that embarrassing.

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