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06 Dec

"Qualtative research in health care: Assessing quality in qualitative research." BMJ.

Qualitative By Dave Collingridge I remember years ago walking the halls of the faculty offices at my university asking for help on validating a questionnaire.

Recall that a sample should be an accurate representation of a population, because the total population may not be available.

From this table several important statistics can be derived.

(the process of developing, testing, and using the device).

Instruments fall into two broad categories, researcher-completed and subject-completed, distinguished by those instruments that researchers administer versus those that are completed by participants.

Nevertheless, there are some questions the researcher can ask and some techniques he or she can employ to establish a reasonable level of validity.

Whether it is employed in business or the social sciences, it is often used to inform decisions that have important implications, thus assuring a high level of validity is essential.