Mastering the adventure of international dating

23 Sep

37: Jon Acuff: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters38: Omar Zenhom: Talk is Cheap, Do What Matters Now!

If you’re only talking about day-to-day matters and choosing the type of cat you’re about to adopt into your home then you might not run into much trouble, but if something serious happens – illness, issues regarding visas and residency, etc – not being able to understand one another, or make yourself understood, can be a recipe for disaster.

He stood with the many thousand, braying others outside the Stock Exchange on Black Tuesday, as Wall Street teetered.

He saw a man plummet to his death from an apartment window.

New York is reimagined as a Babylonic place of filth and misery.

Each dawn shivers under “the cruel silence of money”.