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17 Oct

The two provided the context (fuelled by good wine!

Even though he sold out the Hammersmith Apollo in three hours, getting fellow Brits to put a face to his name is nigh-on impossible until you mention the celebrity ex-girlfriends: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston again. "The love-rat guy." The albums Mayer recorded before even meeting Aniston sold 13m copies and won him seven Grammy awards but, inevitably, those same Brits equate his recording career with the magazines they have seen him in: not Q or The Word, but Heat and Grazia. Asking for a friend") and now has just shy of 3 million Twitter followers.A source previously told The Sun: ‘Sarah is fully on board.But she is not sure if she feels ready.’ She’s become quite renowned for her party lifestyle, and having also shared a considerable amount of time with Girls Aloud and other celebrities during her growing acting career – she’d certainly be a worthwhile, gossip-filled housemate. He’s previously stated how he would ‘do the show again’ and admitted producers had asked him to star in the show earlier this year, so could this be Bear’s time to emerge once more?The two were pictured holding hands and smiling at each other…and sources inside the Rossopomodoro restaurant tell us they were even sucking a little face during the meal. Maybe he’ll take the next big step, and invite her to Make Out Point. Anyway, this story gives me an excuse to use one of my favorite GIFs ever.John Mayer isn't convinced he should be doing this interview. " Human contact is a good thing, she replies; it helps readers to feel a little closer to John Mayer.