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19 Jan

Edgington Academy's new teacher takes a special and disturbing interest in helping Bridgette that threatens her entire future.Adopted teenager Sara goes in search of her birth mother Abby, only to find the woman in prison for bank robbery and manslaughter.Karrueche is done with Chris Brown's possessiveness and his henchman's violent threats ... Chris' ex is responding to a threat made by a member of Chris' posse ...a threat directed at Marques Houston, who gave thumbs up to the pic she posted of her amazing body.

And even though Common is most known for his time with Serena Williams, his mother still made it known that she loved her some Taraji and would have loved to see them work out…

Single mom Karen Clark hires Alex, a manny (a male nanny or au pair) to help with her two young sons, never suspecting Alex has other plans and wants her family as his own, even if he has to murder to achieve his goal.

When lacrosse star Bridgette fails her core classes, she is kicked off the team until she can improve her grades.

The threat was in the form of a photo of 2 guns, with the caption, "Ni**as sho no how to disrespect, I don't care if they not still together." Karrueche thinks it's time for Chris, and any of his friends, to get over it -- "I'm bored and tried of this situation.

I don't get it because I'm single." She adds, "I thought we have all matured and moved on.