Jamal bryant dating

15 Nov

Chocolate” was actually megachurch Pastor Jamal Bryant, the man Gizelle divorced after 8 years of marriage for cheating.According to Gizelle however, that’s just not true.“I have a hot, juicy faith-based book coming out,” said Gizelle.It appears that the R&B artist has been in a relationship with Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore-based mega church Empowerment Temple AME Church.And her appearance in a recent episode of the “Preachers” talk show, in which Bryant is a host, indicates they are ready to make their love public.' and that'll be that and I won't have to go through all of that and he'll just be perfectly made for me," said the singer who released her fourth studio album Charlene earlier this year."And then all that dating will be out the way and I'll just know it's for sure.“It’s about all the tea that I have to spill on the faith-based world.” “I was in that world, so I have inside dirt information,” she added.Singer Tweet has found love…and it’s in the church.

Some of co-stars keep insisting that she knew, and support Apollo’s allegations about, “”According to Fameolous, Mr. The pair revealed this news while doing a segment about couples on the show.The singer admits that it’s a bit of a challenge dating a pastor, because some feel she’s not an appropriate mate since she sings secular music. Chocolate is none other than Pastor Jamal Bryant, the husband of RHOP‘s Gizelle Bryant!He’s been on the show before, and although he and Gizelle are currently friendly, that wasn’t always the case; she outed his cheating on RHOP.