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05 Dec

Astara doesn’t scream so much as strongly hint at the possibility of sin.Iran’s supreme leader has awarded medals to navy commanders for capturing US sailors who entered Iranian territorial waters this month, Iran’s state media said on Sunday.Behaviour that is acceptable in Britain may be illegal in Iran.All travelers should take care to become familiar with local law and practice before they travel and to abide scrupulously by it when in Iran.There's a small degree of openness in parts of Iran's upper classes, but in the general population acceptance is low, and state persecution is chronic. The state attitude to homosexuality, and the level of acceptance in Iranian society is contradictory and complicated – too complicated to get into here.But if you want to learn more try these links: Global Gayz: Iran Face of homosexuality is veiled but real in Iran Out of Iran and out of the closet Living dangerously: What it's like to be gay in Iran As a foreigner, unless you're shouting your "special love" from the rooftops, you're unlikely to fall foul of the law.This information supplements the FCO’s travel advice for Iran. The Iranian Embassy in London provides a visa service for British nationals living in the UK.

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Books, DVDs, fashions, and—most important—ideas that are inaccessible in Iran are ubiquitous in Azerbaijan.This guide sets out some essential information for British nationals in Iran, including advice on health, education, benefits, residence requirements and more.We are unable to provide any guidance on general lifestyle enquiries apart from the information and links listed below (see our information on what our consular staff can and cannot do for British nationals).You should lodge your visa application well in advance of your planned date of travel: the application process can be long and unpredictable.Check the expiry date of your visa before travelling.