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02 Oct

Chatting with co-star Allison Janney and her podcast co-host Sim Sarna, Anna drew from personal experience as she tried to give relationship advice to a 24-year-old Iowan named Emma.

"Relationships in your 20s are kind of the worst," said the 38-year-old actress.

"I like to call the shots and when I know what I want, the best person to make it happen usually is me.

I don’t know if there’s other women out there that feel that way but I like to take on projects that seem completely huge and overwhelming, and then I like to break them down and sort of make them realistic.

The former “90210” star and his wife, Erin, welcomed their second daughter on Thursday, according to People.

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Sanders was a high school student and friend of Brandon Walsh, one of the series' other central characters.

He is one of only four series regulars to appear on the show for its entire duration. Niko "Nick" Tatopoulos in Godzilla: The Series, which was a direct follow-up to the 1998 Hollywood Godzilla re-imagining.

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He is also the voice of Vinnie on Biker Mice from Mars.

The baby girl, named Penna Mae Ziering, arrived at AM and weighed in at 6 lbs., 9 oz., according to the mag. ’” VIEW THE PHOTOS: "Arrested Development": Character posters & scenes from season 4 Ian and Erin began dating in 2009 and announced their engagement in February 2010.

VIEW THE PHOTOS: "One Life To Live" & "All My Children": The New York City premiere! “Mia was born a week late and Penna was a week early.” VIEW THE PHOTOS: "American Idol" season 12 -- countdown to the finale The 49-year-old actor said Mia was thrilled over Penna’s arrival. They tied the knot on May 28, 2010 in Newport Beach, Calif.

Penna now shares the same birthday (April 25) as her big sister, 2-year-old Mia -- which Ian said was a surprise.

Ziering is known for his role as Steve Sanders on the teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 which started in the 1990’s and did not end until 2000.