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06 Nov

What kind of person chooses a love that they know will destroy them?

What kind of person sees that destiny, and dances towards it, without fear?

No to bad with the traffic towards Melb can be bad anywhere you live. If you plan to live in the area speak to the local agents to find out what is happening first. For the kids there is sporting clubs, martial arts clubs in the living and learning center, swimming pools, and heaps more.

it is limited express which is a down fall coming from previous area where it was express all the way.

Bonus is that the Vline is express for the early birds.

An on-duty Melbourne police officer was arrested Thursday after officials said he offered cash to a prostitute who actually turned out to be an undercover agent.

The arrest of the 27-year-old Shawn Archbold is the latest in a series of investigations into officer behavior at the 169-officer agency.