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06 Oct

YT3M Beam (JA), Dipole 20m: 5 over 5 Elements Stack (US), 5 Element (JA), 4 Element Rotatable 15m: 6 over 6 Elements Stack (US), 6 Element (JA), 4 Element Rotatable 10m: 6 over 6 over 6 Elements (US), 5 over 5 over 5 (JA), 6 Element (SA) Mult: Triplexer fed 5 Band 16 Element Beam WARC: 5 El.

The aircraft is a derivative of IL-96-300 passenger aircraft and goes by the designation "IL-96PU".Where are some good places my future wife and I can go and enjoy our new married wife without spending a lot of dough? Every once in a while I slip into an English accent even though I was born and raised in Colorado.I can't count to 10 (with no waiting times) without doing it. Ok I like making messes and I wanna really do this the first thing I want to do is get covered in a peanut butter type of mixture and then a jelly type of mixture and have like a some giant bread made out of smaller bread and also when I get the peanut butter mixture and jjelly mixture poured on me she I lay on the bread and get it dumped on me or just stand up and have it poured on me it's your vote and last but not least, how could I make like a maybe runny liquidy peanut butter mix and a runny liquidy jelly mix?LX7I Antenna setup is beeing constantly changed and improved!At the moment 5 Towers are carring the following Antennas: 160m: Dipole / Groundplane 80m: Dipole, 4SQ, 2 Element Ultra Beam* 40m: 3 Element full size Beam (US/rotatable), 2 El.