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30 Dec

To address these same concerns, Microsoft has made a very strong investment in the areas of security, compliance and privacy in the Office 365 platform.

In fact, the Office 365 platform provides users and system administrators with several features to address needs and apply a set of best practices in the areas of security, privacy and compliance.

It’s responsibilities are simple, store the current application state, via local storage, and update the state based on an exposed API.

The UI components use this API in order to mutate the current state as a result of user interactions.

However, the state itself is immutable, so these methods actually result in a transformation of state.

The reason for using immutability is that it allows Angular 2 to optimise the rendering of UI components. An API that implies mutation as a thin facade over a more functional approach to managing state changes.

To prepare to copy the selected cells to the clipboard we'll convert the data Field property for each selected column in each selected row to a string, using the Object to String() method.

To keep this example manageable and to ensure the broadest support for its clipboard format, we'll just transcode the Data Grid selection as tab separated values.

Providing generic support for copy and paste isn't trivial because the Data Grid's data "model" is just a list of Object valued data items.

Data Grid columns typically corespond to data item properties - named by the column's data Field - however the type of the item property displayed in each column isn't specified explicitly.

This article describes how to add support for copy and paste to the Flex Data Grid component.

It enables one to copy and paste Data Grid selections to/from most desktop applications, notably spreadsheet apps like Excel.