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27 Oct

I was so shy at first that I didn’t realise the catering on film sets was for everyone – I just watched other people eat the food.Rock and rollers such as Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Keith Moon and Noel Gallagher, and the jazzman Miles Davis. And I would get Keith to bring some pretty ladies along, too.From the 6th century onwards, Goidelic-speaking peoples from Ireland colonised it and it became a centre of religious activity.During the troubled Viking Age, Arran became the property of the Norwegian crown, until formally absorbed by the kingdom of Scotland in the 13th century.My Doc Martin scenes [as Al Large, who owns the local restaurant with his dad] aren’t shot every day, and there’s lots of waiting around between takes.So I play my guitar and listen to my favourite Who or Oasis tracks.

Arran has been continuously inhabited since the early Neolithic period, and numerous prehistoric remains have been found.

It is well worth a visit and there are numerous other historic sites in the area to make it a day to remember. This blog contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties.

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The Pictish Stone at Elgin Cathedral was put within the site in 1823 when it was discovered nearby beside St Giles Kirk in the High street.

It is a magnificant cross slab and is adorned with the well known and loved Pictish symbols; double-disc and Z-rod, crescent and V-rod above a hunting scene on one side and a cross on the reverse.