Edmonton vegan dating online dating for lonely singles

02 Jan

Andy is Karine’s husband and co-founder of Veg Speed Date.He’s been vegan for 10 years and has hosted speed dating events together with Karine for 5 years.And he'll most likely write in the comment section about how much he despises the person who wrote it, followed by him complaining about how he's been so used by women and how they toy with his emotions. He always has an excuse as to why you two can't be seen together.If you want to go to Cafe Mosaics for some vegan pho, he say's he's 'busy', or pulls another lame excuse out of his hat. He's either got a side piece, or you're the side piece. Whether it's about a party that his wolf pack of fuckboys are hosting on Friday in Downtown Edmonton or he's DMing his side piece "wyd." This point alone is often hard to read.We only partner with veg-friendly businesses and venues.

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These events have proven so successful and life-changing that I’ve come up with a really big idea...

There will never be a Veg Speed Date event with 25 women and 5 men!

For our LGBTQ events, we work to ensure we have as many people as possible.

Led by Karine Brighten, our team is made up of longtime, active members of the veg community, and we spend all our energy figuring out how to find matches for veg singles only.

Everyone you meet at our events will be vegan or vegetarian.