Dwight ney dating

19 Dec

Later, Angela risked revealing the relationship in order to convince Michael to rehire Dwight.

In Fun Run, Angela asked Dwight to care for her cat, Sprinkles.

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D claims that he flew her out to Florida but we don’t know if that’s true.

Twitter users are pointing to the text message exchange below as “proof” that Dwight Howard was hooking up with one of these girls but the texts don’t really say anything.

Dwight Howard may be cheating on his girlfriend with a high school girl.

We posted pics of 25-year-old Magic baller Dwight Howard with his new girlfriend earlier.

And it may have been the first time WE have seen her. We're told the hot baller has been dating her for about a year now. 23-year-old Christine put her 5'11 height to good use and played college basketball at California State in Chico, CA.

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