Double your dating vs mystery method

28 Oct

While I could always successfully become friends with them, I could never seem to actually get dates.I always wanted to observe and learn from the men who Some friends and I all bought copies and reading the book sparked a transformation in many of us.

To realize your own self worth and no longer allow your life to be hinged on the opinions and actions of others.

Tenmagnet (of Vancouver) went on to say that Janka clearly doesn’t understands women, and that he creeps them out.

He ends it off by bashing PJ’s attraction formula model.

On the bright side; I’m virtually plugging all you dudes: so be appreciative! Back in 2008, PUA dating coach, Tenmagnet of the Love Systems dating company, went on a rampage about Paul Janka’s appearance on the Dr.

Phil show, insinuating that PJ is a fat liar for claiming that he’d slept with 134 women, he doesn’t have Game, and it’s only his good looks which get him by, and that he’s a bad role model for the PUA community.