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07 Jan

Orange County, California is known for a lot of things, beaches, Disneyland, and Knott’s Berry Farm are just a few of the most entertaining places to be in Southern California.

But if you’re hungry for more than boysenberry syrup and themed rides, head to Saddleback Church for some Christian fellowship.

Do it once before the sun goes down and then again at night for spookier ambiance.

Play spot the Raven, you can find him in almost every scene! fpsbianca asked: Hello, My girlfriend and I are going to Disneyland in about two weeks.

For a long time, Saddleback didn’t have a permanent home.

It’s a great ride to do multiple times to look for tiny details like the Hidden Jack Skellington and Hidden Mickeys.

— When I was ten years old, I discovered that every student in my fourth grade class was going to Disney World for spring break, except for me.

Horrified (though in retrospect it probably wasn’t even true), I quickly informed my parents of their unforgivable neglectful, and soon enough, they were (presumably reluctantly) dragging me and my brother onto a flight to Orlando.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way for the park to be more conducive to couples? Back in the 1950s and 1960s there was something called "Date Nite at Disneyland," and now we want a time machine, because it sounds amazing.

Fliers for the adults-only evenings advertise dancing, romantic rides, and strolling singers during these date nights that took place Fridays and Saturdays from nine until midnight.