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18 Sep

Fitness buffs saw this and realized that any activity with such great potential for being fatal must be very good for you, so the sport began to catch on.

Americans did very little ski jumping until the television program "Wide World of Sports" began showing a promotional film snippet in which a ski jumper hurtles off the edge of the chute, completely out of control, with various important organs flying out of his body....After the war, Barry began a long association with Las Vegas, where his quick-fire comedy act warmed up audiences for many top stars."I'm the kind of comic who fits here," he told The New York Times: My jokes are short and punchy. They've been saturated with free drinks in the casino – to give them cerebral comedy would be deadly.The son of a furniture-store owner, the Brooklyn-born Dave Barry's career began when, still in his teens, he appeared on radio's long-running talent series Major Bowe's Original Amateur Hour.He gained further experience on the Borscht Belt, the many Jewish summer camps that dotted the Catskill mountains.