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13 Jan

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More and more people are turning to online adult dating sites to find casual encounters easily.

If you’ve ever felt that way, trust me, you’re wrong.

There are some awkward dating situations that happen to everyone, even the *coolest* girls who seem to do everything right. There’s no way to know unless you get real about how awkward and strange dating is. Check ’em out below – I bet some of these sound more than a little familiar.

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Literally god forbid your mom find out that you have a date. 4) The awkward hover when you don’t know how long to hug them when they first show up. I hate it when the person you’re attracted to turns out to be snooze-fest just as much as the next girl. 6) You bring up something awkward and immediately regret it.I have no idea what to do…A: This is such a tough situation—there's nothing that can come between a friendship like a guy!I think your best move here is to talk to your friend about how you're feeling.If you have any problems or questions when using the website please, contact our live support and we will quickly help you. You do not have to wait for becoming happy anymore.The Internet gives us incredible opportunities for improving our personal lives and our website is one of them.