Dating pro pilot review

29 Nov

MTSU has a rich history of teaching students to fly, dating back to WWII when flight training took place right on campus.

Today, graduates from the Professional Pilot program fly for every major US airline, at dozens of regional airlines, and for corporations and government agencies.

Graduates must demonstrate proficiency in aircraft systems operation, determination of aircraft performance parameters, navigation, communication, and airport operations.

MTSU trains in state-of-the-art aircraft with “glass” (computerized) flight decks and an innovative, scenario-based curriculum.

And so is the new Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot Day Date.

And while Pro Pilot bests the civilian sim classic in a number of specific areas, overall the program has an unfinished feel that ensures Flight Simulator won't be toppled from the top of the charts anytime soon.

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Private Pilot Magazine Senior Editor Norm Goyer read through the book and said, "KEEP THIS ONE!

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