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03 Oct

I've done some internet research and I'm finding conflicting information, but the consensus seems to be that reserve time in service doesn't count towards retirement, but it does count for pay purposes. I could retire in May, but where else can I get a PT job that pays me nearly 0 for a weekend of work plus the Tricare insurance plan and United Concordia dental?They are the same grade, and while the time in service equation (who's been in the longest) can determine who's senior, there's an old traditiona with Lt's that they all are equals. While entire OS was changed, overall look and feel of device will be barely noticable for users.After upgrade users should see performance increase, better battery life, and of course whole set of Tizen addons which are already known from the rest […] Just a day after official announcement you can get your hands on first firmware bytes for Galaxy K Zoom LTE (SM-C115).Though IIRC the ones I have seen did not have the curved windshield as this Lithuanian one, but the old standard flat pane sections.

Mirrors that we are enabling from today are Terafile, Rapidgator and

While the method does involve a feature built into the phone to get root access, it isn’t made public information by LG and may even require a password, which we are providing in the method below of course.

Please follow any guides for rooting, unlocking or otherwise hacking your devices entirely at your own risk.

With more and more people becoming Android power users, the need to get root access to all the Android devices out there is becoming increasingly high.

Luckily, due to Android’s open nature and a vibrant developer community, most devices get rooted shortly after arriving in the market, and LG Optimus GT is no exception.