Dating girl cerebral palsy

08 Feb

Two operations, plastic leg braces, and a few years of physical and occupational therapy mostly mitigated CP’s effects on me. Then that writing professor offered her perspective: “Your disability is the most interesting thing about you.”I didn’t know what to think, or how I felt. I had graduated from college that spring and was auditing her course as an aspiring journalist with the goal of getting a byline at a well-known publication.

This professor was the quintessential New York Writer—the kind with uptown friends and a downtown address who I, too, hoped to be one day. In her memoirs, she unabashedly embraced the messy parts of herself, spinning them into literary gold. But I didn’t want to be the poster child of disability gone right.

She wrote about bad breakups and her history of addiction with self-deprecating humor and! When I was a child, my mother made it a point that while the CP was a part of me, it did not define me. When people thought of me, I wanted them to focus on other things, like my fondness for animals, tie-dye, and corny jokes.

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CP has been a source of humor and dramatic victories as well as discounted Metro cards.

It’s also an easy way to weed out the people in your life who are genuine from those who are not.

Initially I thought an upfront approach served best so I included my CP into my dating profile.

I figured “Hey, if my disability is going to put someone off, so be it.