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24 Jan

It’s an all-encompassing vision of a big, happy family which infects the mind and affects every aspect of a Believer’s life.

The term “Quiverfull” comes from a reference in Psalm 127 which likens children to “arrows” in the hands of a mighty man, “blessed is the man who has his quiver full of them.”Quiverfull Believers eschew all forms of birth control in favor of “trusting the Lord” with their family planning.

It is expected that a Quiverfull daughter will be fully capable of running the household, including all meal-preparation, laundry duties, child care and homeschooling of younger siblings by the age of twelve.

Many girls are doing all this by the time they’re eight or ten because their mothers are so consumed with birthing more and more “arrows” to fill the quivers of their husbands.

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At this moment we only have one such dress left in stock -and sadly it's predominantly blue!

(Go figure: Lee himself, as the hyperkinetic B-boy nerd Mars Blackmon, is among the least awkward.) Even its creator seemed to misread what he was putting onscreen.

It's a summer favourite -a pretty summer dress -of almost an 'evening ' style, yet it is completely 'daytime '.

A good maxi dress says summer, it says easy -dressing, perhaps Boho, and maybe with a 1970s ethos.

I will be doing my buying for next summer within the next few weeks, and I am beginning to feel the gravitational pull of the maxi dress. im a 49 yr old size 22 5ft 8in brown hair brown eyes swarthy skin and im looking for 1 outfit suitable for 2 weddings.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if I see some gorgeous ones coming through for spring /summer 2017! My friends daughter is getting married 02/01/16 and my nieces wedding is 04/11/16 so id like something that could be worn to both weddings. I really like the photos of the longer dresses that are up on the website.thanks diane mcilwaine larne n.ireland Hi Diane, Thanks for contacting us. Sounds like you are looking forward to some lovely times!