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23 Jan

VSM Cover Story Simplify the administration and updating of Compact Framework applications by writing a Web service that facilitates checking for new files for a given app, as well as downloading and updating that app if a newer version exists.

ecent advancements in mobile devices and software development have opened up new possibilities that can increase productivity for mobile workers significantly.

Applications as trivial as e-mail and address books are already commonplace for Pocket PCs and Smart Phones.

More advanced applications—including work order fulfillment reporting, photo capture, employee time tracking, expense reporting, and even GPS enabled apps—are now possible and developed easily using the . However, most of these apps face a crucial limitation that could hinder more widespread deployment of these types of enterprise applications: the ability to download updates to remote devices automatically whenever new versions of the application become available.

The most common way to update custom Pocket PC applications is to connect your device to a PC physically, uninstall the application using Active Sync, and then reinstall the application using the supplied MSI that loads the updated application to your Pocket PC or Smart Phone.

Another way to perform an update is to navigate to the Pocket PC's file system using Active Sync, and then copying the updated binaries from your desktop to the Pocket PC's folders.

It takes rem ** two parameters as follows: rem ** %1 - Name of project file rem ** %2 - Path to project directory rem ************************************************************** set _DCCILPATH_="C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS.0\CFPreview\Bin\dccil.exe" set _CFUNITS_="C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS.0\CFPreview\Lib" set _PROJECTNAME_=%1 set _PROJECTDIR_=%2 rem ************************************************************* rem ** Ensure the Delphi 2005 Bin directory is in the path. assembly needs to be referenced, but additional assemblies can be referenced by adding extra -lu parameters. Problem with a dcpil built by the CF dccil from a constructor Dll.

It rem ** may have been removed by a User path override. Data pause The batch file takes two command line parameters, with the first one being the file name of the project to compile, and the second one being the path where the project resides. It caters for the fact that the Delphi 2005 directory may not be in the PATH variable accessible to the batch file when run within the context of the IDE (this can be overridden). I\'ve included in my Compact Framework project a reference which was in my Dot Net Device ( PSC Falcon 4420 CE Dot Net 4.20 ARM-Xscale).after that i\'ve add : uses Terminal.

I had the intention of working on such a library for some time now, so it will do things the way I want it to.

The library, released under the Apache 2.0 software license, can be downloaded / cloned from Update.

Please share your thoughts, or any extension you make to it.

With the proliferation of Windows Mobile-based devices in the marketplace, companies are gradually mobilizing their enterprising applications to let their staff gain the competitive mobile advantage. Private Sub Data Received( _ By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Pair up the two devices with Bluetooth and ensure that each device has an available serial port (which I hard-coded as COM4 for simplicity). _ Address List If own Addr Is Nothing Then Exit Sub End If For i As Integer = 0 To _ own Addr. To String) End Try End Sub '---display host IP address Private Sub Display Host IPAddresses() lbl Host IPAddress. Notice that the content of the notification is coded in HTML. Substring( _ 20, 1)) Select Case choice Case 0 '---do something Case 1 '---do something Case 2 '---do something End Select End If notification1. Load msg Interceptor = _ New Message Interceptor( _ Interception Action.

Coupled with the launch of Visual Studio 2005, the . You can now chat wirelessly with each other using Bluetooth! For example, the following code segment makes a phone call by first prompting the user (Figure 12). To dismiss a notification, you use the identifier “cmd:2” as the name for an input element. _ Substring(0, 6) = "notify") _ Then Dim choice As Integer = _ Convert. Visible = False End Sub In this article, I’ve shown you some of the new features available on the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform. NET Compact Framework can now develop compelling applications with ease, as most of the important APIs are exposed as managed classes. Message Interception() Private With Events msg Interceptor _ As Message Interceptor Private Sub Form4_Load( _ By Val sender As System. _ Notify And Delete, _ True) '---set the filter for the ' message msg Interceptor. Load '---monitor the cradle state cradle State = New _ System State( _ System Property. Connections Count '---display own and host IP ' addresses Display Get Own IPAddresses() Display Host IPAddresses() End Sub '---event handler for handling changes ' in cradle state Private Sub cradle State_Changed( _ By Val sender As Object, _ By Val args As _ Microsoft.