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22 Dec

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I am a real person and am looking to meet up." Days later, Lee followed up on Craigslist: "How about a cop you must (expletives) to get out of being arrested.

Lee, under the alias "Troy Castle," posted in November 2010: "I am in Law Enforcement so if the idea of traffic stop sex sounds good let me know.These are typically more overt and direct but are marked by the poster having a posting location omitted or listed simply as the corresponding city.A response to one of these ads nearly always results in subscribing yourself to pregnant asian porn to your email several times an hour. A decent chick who may or may not already have a boyfriend who is throwing up a personal ad solely for her own amusement and the satisfaction of her curiosity to see what kind of fucked up rejects there are in her community.My ad made that much clear, and further, that I can "provide" physically and talent-wise (FUCK YOU before you start to poke fun lol).Anyways, BLOWN away is to put it lightly, I've gotten 4 nude (or close enough to showing nudity) pics within like 5hrs).