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27 Oct

Out of the entire cast, only Susan Ward (playing aunt Carla) was the only one doing a good job. And how they managed to get Pamela Anderson into this movie is beyond me.

The rest of the movie was attempting to be funny, but never got its head above the waves.

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Past customs, I stepped into the bright day that was San José. Now the taxi drivers were positive that I was lost or had changed my mind and each made the decision to approach me again and ask again, and I — no gracias no gracias no gracias — I began to wonder about myself too. After, he went out and looked at he crude oil ocean and the moon. We wanted to take the bus to Mal País but that bus didn’t exist, a Midwestern guy told us. Then he came sprinting back, shouting he had found a room run by a German guy with a dog who looked like his now-dead pit bull and a bar with football on too. The owner, Richard, had opened it after he’d followed "a gal" there, and then when it was open she’d left him. Now go make me a real goddamn vent.” His big laugh echoed through the high tin roof. He sold us Israeli beers for 50 cents — he’d bought the whole case from an Israeli and couldn’t sell "a single goddamned oneofum" at full price.We leave the toucans and the flycatcher to duke it out, making our way deeper into the cloud forest – though still only around a 90-minute drive from San Jose – towards El Silencio Lodge.Nestled in a verdant valley beneath the Poas volcano, this peaceful hotel is a great destination for nature lovers, with well-marked trails snaking up into the hills and to a series of thundering waterfalls.This movie is wrongfully labeled 'comedy'. You might like it if you are into surfing and enjoy mindless movies.I just read on IMDb that there is a part 2 on the way. My advise to you is to stay well clear of this movie!