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An Established Character (E henceforth) is a character that already exists from a particular series a character from one of the series' used within Aurora 2's plot (and therefore subject to development in different directions depending on in game events).For Original Characters (OCs henceforth), the sky is the limit. You're free to choose to play from any series used Aurora 2 with an OC.Der Manga Fukushuu Kyoushitsu ist spannend und verrückt.Wer Lust auf skrupellose und irre Charakter hat und einen Blick in die Abgründe der menschlichen Natur wefen will, ist hier richtig.This is the first of the two Sign-Up Threads for Super Robot Wars Aurora 2. Unlike previous RPGs, where there have been a two/three character limits per player, the limit cap has been raised to "Anything that you think you can reasonably handle.Your Characters can either be an Established Character, or an Original Character.

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Bear in mind that cross-universe combinations that are designed solely to break the game (IE giving a Gundam a Getter Core or a Valkyrie a Lambda Driver) are out no matter what--with an exception or two pending GM approval. I will allow you to move an character from one series to another during the plot provided that you have a good reason/excuse to.4. Gunbuster UFO Robot Grendizer Kishin Houkou Demonbane Name: Touma Kanou Series: Banpresto Originals Age: 16Sex: Male Affiliation: Earth Federation Theme Song(s): Fighting Spirit Without Limit, Shippu Jin Rai, Let's Go Rider Kick!Beschreibung: Fujisawa Ayana wird furchtbar schlimm in der Schule gemobbt.Zuerst versucht sie sich zu helfen, doch als alle Bemühungen erfolglos bleiben, erträgt sie alles stillschweigend.If, for example, you choose a 00 Gundam machine, your mecha creation can pool from the Gundam 00, but unless you're going to be a Gundam Meister with Celestial Being then you having a Gundam is right out.Super Robots like Getter and Mazinger however are unchangeable, however what you can do with the machines themselves is free to your discretion. Here's the template and series list for the Ptolemy II (Earth) Route.