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06 Feb

Bang in the middle of mango avenue, main bar avenue of Cebu City – next door to BGs and the imaginarily named “Viking next door” bar.Go to the left next to the vendors and children that will ask you for money.

Lived mostly in what’s known as the Inland Empire so I was in the center of So Cal. What I want to cover with you here are some of the things you might be wondering about what it’s like once you’ve taken that flight across the sea to land in this wonderful country of the Philippines.

It’s a big space with lots of red sofas & reasonable number of girls and OK dance floor – but usually just a single girl dancing at a time.

There’s a couple of pool tables and the ladies will happily play you for a “rum coke” if they win, or something else a little stiffer if they lose!

Women from Manila, being from a bigger city, project a stronger character while Cebu girls tend to have a more subtle personality.

They are more affectionate, caring, polite, romantic and they are more devoted to their partners.