Brad pitt geena davis dating

28 Sep

He was just an actor trying to break into Hollywood for a number of years.

"We were all broke." He also remembers Pitt sneaking off to visit his secret girlfriend, Geena Davis, after wrapped, noting that the far more famous actress refused to visit Pitt's frat-like West Hollywood duplex. Priestley was mostly amused by his precocious co-star, whose diva-like demands from the very first days of would eventually get her booted from the show by Aaron Spelling.

So who did he fall for and why did the relationships end? I saw him for two years,” she said according to the Daily Mail. Some ardent fan gave me a slap when I came out of a supermarket over that relationship!

Here are 10 Bad Pitt relationships you probably forgot about (and one, you will definitely remember). ” After the news of Pitt’s divorce from Jolie broke, there were a lot of theories surrounding what could have caused them to split.

Shalane ended up being Brad's first onscreen kiss (which you can check out here, if you're into that sorta thing), but not much ever came from the relationship after he left the show.

Between 19, Brad dated British singer Sinitta, after begging his agent to call hers after he saw her on TV and fell in love.