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Elle Decor Brooklyn, NY flickr via:weaterweathers Girl in a Black Tie – Amedeo Modigliani 1917 Italian 1884-1920 Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris, France AD Italia, February 2001 Elle Decor Brooklyn, NY flickr via:thisivyhouse Elle Decor Brooklyn, NY flickr Elle Decor Brooklyn, NY flickr Nicole Land | Soil and […] This is a real treat– soft elegant neutrals embody this refreshing home. Decor Inspiration: At Home With Loi Thai & Thomas Troeschel Loi Thai and Thomas Troeschel are the owners of the antique store “Tone on Tone” in Bethesda near Washington DC .Hidden away on our bookshelves is a little black book dating from the 1930s.Haydn appeared bemused at his American visitor’s wide-eyed wonderment. “I just work from basic machinings I do here, and then make guns with these parts by hand.” Making guns by hand is what Haydn’s family has done since at least the 1860s.His earliest known ancestor in the gun trade was his great-great-grandfather, John Hill (born in Birmingham in 1844), a gunmaker and engraver who had at least two sons follow on: Jesse Hill (born in 1867) and Charles Hill (in 1877).

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