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16 Dec

In June 2015 the transfer of annual reports and official records marked the start of a five year process to handover one hundred years of photographs, records and treasured objects.

Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

Sentenced to 3 yrs jail with 18 months suspended - To serve 18 months jail. While on parole for rape, Alexander broke into two homes as couples and their children slept inside...

Pleaded guilty to 8 charges, and was jailed 14-6-2013 to four years and three months, with a one year and nine month minimum.

However, flared instruments play a higher pitch than unflared instruments of the same length.

There are numerous names for the instrument among the Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia, none of which closely resemble the word "didgeridoo" (see below).