Are kim richards and martin still dating building dating from the beginning of

25 Oct

Kim says she could've regifted it, but gave it back to Rinna.

The tension between Kyle and Camille had been stressful on all of us.But Kim doesn't come alone, she's brought somebody (or something) with her: the stuffed bunny Lisa Rinna gave her for her newborn grandson."I brought the bunny," Kim says in the click above, "because I never gave it to my grandson.‘Cause it didn't feel like it had good energy."The looks on everybody's faces, especially Kyle, say it all."I'm sorry," Kim says to a teary Lisa Lisa Vanderpump celebrated her daughter Pandora’s engagement with a lavish party at family friend Mohamed Hadid’s mansion that included a living (floundering) mermaid, belly dancers, spray tattoos and an indoor Moroccan tent.But, the fanfare was happening across town as Kim Richards had a quiet dinner with… That’s right, Kim has herself a man – and apparently it’s been going on for some time! ) talked about their relationship and how they’ve managed to remain under the radar not only with the press, but with Kim’s friends and family (and cast mates? She goes on to talk about how they met, which was apparently while Kim was “walking in her neighborhood, and he was standing at her mailbox.” In a girlishly excited (and Kimishly confusing) way Kim adds that she’d seen him “a little bit, but not much.” In regards to outing themselves to Kim’s family, Ken says his plan is to speak little and “vibe alot,” but Kim disagrees and wanted him to be his usual, outspoken self so they could see how “loving, caring, smart, and handsome” he is.