Are farrah and pauly d dating

05 Nov

Since posting her first photo with Christian, Sammi has gone on to post a slew of other images of the two of them together.

Her most recent photo was an image of the two of them soaking up the sun while rocking some stylish sunglasses.

However, the new show won't be documenting their partying and GTL'ing.

However the union didn't last long, as they filed for divorce in February last year.

What I mean is that we have only sat through eight episodes, but this seems like more than enough. One person that I do know is gainfully employed again (at least for an episode or two) is resident snooze-fest Josh Murray, who appeared in a promo for an upcoming episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Aubrey thinks Pauly is starting to “get it” since he sent her a really sweet text after lots of sex within the last day.

I guess these “celebrities” can’t stay in a loft banging each other forever though; they all have to get back to errr… The ladies are unimpressed until they find out that Pauly D has his, errr, little D pierced. When Brandi is uncomfortable talking about sex, you know you have gone too far.

Brandi has her own issues, and those issues are Calum Best.

She doesn’t really say what she is going to do about them, but we know she has them.