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08 Feb

Principal investigator Nanette Gartrell, MD, is a 2011-12 Williams Institute Visiting Distinguished Scholar and also affiliated with the University of Amsterdam. Restroom" src=" data-src=" alt="" width="460" height="300" / When it comes to the spoken word, Americans are a truly baffling bunch. ” Translation: “Honestly, I don’t care what kind of day you have.” Translation: “That’s one good looking upper body garment, be it a vest top, a t-shirt or an actual bona fide shirt – with cuffs and a collar.” Definitely doesn’t mean: “I’m sexually attracted to your blouse.” 8.When an annoyed American says, “I could care less.” Translation: “I couldn’t care less.” Definitely doesn’t mean: “I could care less.” 9.

” The study was conducted by Nanette Gartrell, MD, Henny Bos, Ph D (University of Amsterdam), and Naomi Goldberg, MPP (a Fellow at the Williams Institute during the time that this work was done).

Some love my story because it appears to confirm their belief that America is doing it wrong: "Kids nowadays—having sex in middle school! Child brides and dowry burnings on the one hand, or henna and Bollywood on the other. But by the time I turned 20, I knew my arranged marriage was set in stone. Yes, he and I picked each other out of the proposals our families offered us. When Alex and I got married, all we had was our raw selves. All marriages, arranged or not, eventually hinge on compromise and change. Alex didn’t pursue me; in the economy of the arrangement, he didn’t have to. Since neither of us freely chose, neither of us tasted the deep pleasures of being freely chosen.

I grew up in the United States, a product of New England suburbia, evangelical Christianity, Wellesley College, But I always knew my marriage would be arranged. Still, I dated secretly in high school and college, hoping that my parents (conservative, first-generation immigrants from India) would change their minds and terrified at the prospect that they wouldn’t. Saying "no" (though I still longed to) was not an option—the stakes in our honor-and-shame-based family were too high. Based on those 20 minutes in my family room, I decided he was a likeable guy. But accommodating a spouse is an entirely different activity from enjoying her. On the other hand, I’m married to a good man who is my partner and my equal.

Trump holds a press conference in Warsaw in advance of the G20 conference, where he'll meet face-to-face with Vladimir Putin and talk to the leaders of Japan and South Korea about the nuclear crisis in North Korea.

Then Jon and Dan talk to former Attorney General Eric Holder about his redistricting efforts, and Ana Marie Cox joins to discuss CNN vs.